The production of semi finished pieces

is done through numerically
controlled machinery

we produce and stock

our product
on 70,000 square metres of ground

We follow the spinneret

of our product


An array of forefront machinery



Respect towards the environmental balance


Acquired over 70 years of activities
  • Chestnut beams

    The chestnut beams constitute the first array of covers or floors which range in sections of 15 x 15 cm to 42 x 42cm with a…

  • Trusses

    Trusses are architectural elements formed by a flat reticular beam placed vertically and it's used as a base element for a pitched roof. Thanks to the…

  • Chestnut Laths

    The chestnut laths are used in the second array of roofing and are indispensable for the support of the boarding or of the terra cotta tiles.…

  • Chestnut boards

    Artena Legnami has a large quantity of seasoned boards at its disposal, ideal for the construction of attics, floors and coating. The width of the boards…

  • Chestnut poles

    Picking chestnut wood for the creation of fencing is particularly convenient thanks to the low cost of the wood in diameters 4/5, 5/7, 8/10, 10/12 for…

  • Fir laminate

    Laminated wood is a structural material produced by gluing fir boards on top of one another which have been certified for structural use. It is there…

  • Fir Laths

    Fir trees are presented with a trunk that can be up to 70 cm in diametre and there for 2 metres in circumference. Just one tree…

  • Fir boards

    Fir wood is light and tender. The speed with which it adapts its own humidity to that of the outside is low, which gives it a…


At your service for 3 generations!
Artena Legnami is a wood wholesale in Artena (RM) and it comes from 3 generations of experience, acquiring technique and professionalism over the course of 70 years.

Our company constantly searches for and selects sources of supply which respects the environmental balance in order to protect the forests. It tends to the cutting of the woods, through highly trained personnel, to provide a finished product of very high quality.