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Fir laminate

Laminated wood is a structural material produced by gluing fir boards on top of one another which have been certified for structural use. It is there for a composite material, made essentially from natural wood, from which it retains its strengths (from which we remember the ratio of mechanical resistance and weight and the good…
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Fir Laths

Fir trees are presented with a trunk that can be up to 70 cm in diametre and there for 2 metres in circumference. Just one tree provides a large quantity of wood and that is the reason why the materials are so cheap. Fir is used in many other areas. Such as woodworking industries and…
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Fir boards

Fir wood is light and tender. The speed with which it adapts its own humidity to that of the outside is low, which gives it a good stability. The shrinkage values are generally average and that is why it is versatile,It is the most important type of wood in construction, hardwood; is used in woodworking,…
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