Fir laminate

Laminated wood is a structural material produced by gluing fir boards on top of one another which have been certified for structural use. It is there for a composite material, made essentially from natural wood, from which it retains its strengths (from which we remember the ratio of mechanical resistance and weight and the good bearing in cases of a fire), but it is also a new product, built on an industrial scale.
In structural uses it has qualities similar to steel but weighing 15 times less and it maintains the peculiarities of wood: heat, strength and reliability. For constructions in general, being also bendable, laminate wood is surely the most ideal material; useful and pliable for the realization of architectural works.
Our company is able to offer our clients different strength laminate, from GL24H to GL32H, in various forms from curved to boomerang to wavey, but everything is first choice.

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