The production of semi finished pieces

is done through numerically
controlled machinery

we produce and stock

our product
on 70,000 square metres of ground

We follow the spinneret

of our product


Artena Legnami Srl. Is a company which is highly specialised in the production of elements made of solid chestnut, like beams, laths and staved pieces which are ideal for the construction of important, ecological structural elements. 

The company comes from three generations of experience, acquiring well known techniques and professionalism through the course of 70 years. In fact it has high-tech machinery and highly specialized personnel at its disposal, which are always being updated. It constantly searches and selects sources of supply which respect the environmental balance to protect the forests; it sees to the cutting of the forests and the processing steps; Thanks to the availability of the materials and the growing experience it has become a competent partner for all operators like designers, construction companies and carpenters.